BUILT 16-Inch Neoprene Laptop Sleeve, Bowery Stripe

BUILT 16-Inch Neoprene Laptop Sleeve, Bowery StripeThis is the second Built laptop sleeve for me, and I'll go on buying them: they are extremely durable (the other one is in use for almost four years now without showing any signs of wear), and provide better protection than most others due to the thick neoprene material they use.

Attention with bigger laptops: while I use this 16 inch skin for my MSI GT60, it is a somewhat tight fit, although the laptop officially is only a 15.6 sized one. The tight fit is due to the laptop being thicker than standard height. So, although I myself are completely happy with the 16 inch skin, you might want to try a bigger skin for that laptop.

This item arrived on time and is exactly as stated. It works well and is made well. I would recommend this product.

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I am a world traveler, I need a good sleeve to protect my precious laptop. I have a 15.4 inch Toshiba and this fits my lap top perfectly. Got it in two days thanks to Amazon Prime and am very pleased with it. It's pretty well padded and will hold up (hopefully). Plus, the design is attractive and it's definitely well made. For the price, it's well worth it!

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I love Built products and am very happy with my purchase. It fits my 16'' lap top great and I love the look and feel of it.

My very minor complaint is that on my computer screen, the color scheme looked like a deep, rich, bright blue. The blues looked like the Caribbean ocean to me I was expecting royal blues and teal. When it came I saw it is really more navy blue and baby blue with some flat reds and oranges.

Still a great product, you always take a bit of a chance buying something on line and not in person.

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DAKINE Men's Small Campus Backpack

Dakine Explorer Pack, Fairwayit holds stuff, it fits and it has lasted over a year now. the main pocket is a bit small but overall good value for 30$

bag was what i expected, lots of pockets and very comfortable. still going strong and color hasn't faded yet. great all around back pack.

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Seriously, this is by far the most functional and awesome backpack ever. It has a padded laptop sleeve, tons of pockets for whatever. I use most of them for electronics, wires, etc. Padded pouches for sunglasses, phones, cameras, etc. Pen pockets. Well built. Stylish. Can carry your skateboard too. Can carry two drink bottles, coffee thermoses, etc on the outside.

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Girls Purple Sequin Sparkle Stars Dance Backpack Medium Girls 4-9 Backpack

Girls Purple Sequin Sparkle Stars Dance Backpack Medium Girls 4-9 BackpackI love this backpack! I bought it for my 2 year old, so I didnt want too big of a backpack, this one is the perfect size for her! And the side pockets fit her drink in them! Shipping was fast and easy!

Skooba Design Cable Stable Mini

Skooba Cable Stable MiniI have to say, this little organizer has changed my life. I first bought the Skooba R750-300 Cable Stable DLX (Black) and soon had it filled with cords and chargers for my smart phone, my mp3 players, my computer and my Kindle, so I ordered this as a back up. They're a little pricey, but well worth it because of the internal features like elastic holders and zippered pockets. If you're considering this one, take a look at Skooba Cable Stable Combo Pack (750-350) to get both sizes. I use these things all the time and now have the DLX for phone and computer stuff and the Mini for MP3 things. I bought the AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case for Small Electronics and Accessories (Black) to use with my Kindle because the Kindle Fire does NOT work well with the Skooba Mini. With all three, I now have dedicated "clutter fixers" for all my small electronics and when I travel, I can simply unzip and send them through the TSA screener with my laptop! Highly recommended for those who, like me, have too many cords and not enough time.

I have been looking for something to help me clean up the wires in my laptop bag for some time. My AC adapter came in a nylon zipper bag, but it doesn't offer much organization. This seems to fit my needs for all of the random cables that I need to carry. USB, iPod, headphones, a Kensington lock, etc. There is not enough room for my AC adapter, but I find that I like two smaller cable bags than one large one. Two smaller bags make better use of the nooks and crannies in my laptop bag, where a large one would just take up space in the main compartment.

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I bought this bag over a year ago, and at first, I loved it. The cable stable and the mini are great for organizing your cordage, but they both take up a large amount of space in my carry on, which is just not practical for me. I ended up loading the cords in this that I don't use all the time and throwing the whole bag in my checked luggage. If you have cordage to carry that you wont be needing at the airport, then this is a great carry case, however, if you need access to your charge cables and whatnot, then this is not the best product for you.

I still use this in my checked luggage to this day to carry the cables and associated hardware that I need to charge my second laptop while on the road. I think it is very well built out of sturdy materials and will last a long time. The Skooba case also gets brownie points for organization and a quick reference to assure that you've got all your E-gear in the bag.

All told, I find the case attractive and it does the job of organizing, but the bottom line is: If you travel three or more times a month, then you might consider a different storage alternative for your carry on cordage.

My preferred method is Vaultz Nylon mesh zipper bags. they take up a quarter of the space and I can see what's inside without having to get them out of my bag and open them up.

Vaultz Mesh Storage Bags, Assorted Colors and Sizes, 4 Bags (VZ01211)

Just my two cents.

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Ok, I bought this case and the Amazonbasics Universal travel case for small electronics. Having received and compared both, I can say that while both are nice, I like this one better. First, the softer shell of this case makes it easier to squeeze into bags. Second, this case has better holders. Finally, this case just feels better in your hands and I was able to put more in it, despite the fact that the Amazonbasics case is a little thicker.

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I recently bought this, loaded it up with cables and small devices and within a week the stitching was coming apart in some of the ties. It's still usable, but I'm a little disappointed with the quality.

ClaireChase Executive Briefcase

Cowhide Leather Executive Computer BriefcaseI purchased this bag because my old briefcase was not large enough to accommodate traveling with a large laptop which I do for my job. After searching the options, I decided on this bag.

I recently traveled from the US to Italy and used it as my carry on. I had my 17" laptop, Ipad, chargers and a change of clothes, and still had plenty of room. Several people i was traveling with complimented me on how it looks, which made me feel that it was worth the price. It really looks great.

Before purchasing the Briefcase, I read one review here that stated the bag was not big enough for a 17" Mac book. This is NOT true. I use a 17" HP Envy, and there is plenty of room without removing any sort of insert that the review referenced. Maybe that review was for intended for a different bag.

Shipping was quick like you would expect. I am very satisfied with my purchase

ClaireChase Executive BriefcaseThe zippers on this bag are not well made or well designed. It is possible that they have received a new batch of zippers that are defective. The pull tab attaches with a hook to the slider bow. The hook only attaches to the slider bow on one edge, and it appears to be made of cheap pot metal or something. One of my zippers was broken on arrival. Another broke the first time I used it. The chains are big and tough, and opening and closing the zippers will require considerable force, which the hook on the slider bow is not capable of withstanding. I would not buy this company's products until they fix this zipper designit is very poorly engineered.

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This is a wonderful computer bag best I have ever owned.

Not only does it look good, it's highly-functional, with loads of pockets, sturdy construction and a joy to carry around.


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Very well made. Has a multitude of storage areas that allow putting different things like a computer, Ipad, files, and just about anything else you can think of in the right place.

One flaw is one zipper will hang-up if the leather is bowed out or the particular storage compartment if too full. Once you remember to zip it the proper way no big deal.

I plan on using this case for many years. Will be great for traveling and using as an extra carry-on when traveling. Like how you can unzip the back of the case and fit it over the handle of my wheeled suitcase.

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From looking at the picture it does not appear to be as large as it actually is. I did find it to have plenty of compartments, very roomy interior, ample room for my 17" laptop, and I could even put stuff in it I normally carry in my purse, along with my phone and other items. When you have this bag you really do not need to carry anything else. It is a little heavy with the laptop in the bag but workable if you use the shoulder strap. I really like it, I just wasn't expecting it to be quite this BIG. I would not recommend carrying it every day but if you have to go out of town on business it more than serves the purpose.

Speedo Performance Pro Backpack

Speedo Performance Pro Backpack, MaroonI bought 2 of these backpacks. One for each of my daughters. They love these swim bags! My daughters are 8 and 10 and can fill these backpacks up and still comfortably handle the packs due to great design and padded back and straps. They can put 3 towels, change of clothes, cap, googles and snacks for meets. A typical practice includes their boots, winter coat, clothes, towel, suit, water bottle, cap and googles. They LOVE these packs and I love the quality!

I workout and shower at my fitness club 3-5x a week, all season long. I needed something big enough for two towels, shoes/boots, toiletries, hairdryer, dry clothes, wet clothes, phone, ipod, wallet, food, drink, etc. I had been hunting for a long time! this bag is absolutely perfect. it has multiple compartments, inside and out, some with mesh, some with solid closures, and most have different size pouches for different purposes. the shoulder straps are wide and very comfortable. most of the zipper enclosures have two zips so you can pull from either end, based on what side you're facing the backpack. the pink is bright and happy too! i highly recommend this bag. for $43, you really can't beat the size, quality and functionality of this bag.

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This is a great backpack for swim team. There are separate compartments to keep wet stuff away from dry stuff. My girls can fit all their suits, clothes, towels, and swim meet necessities in this bag and everything stays dry, even on the wet deck.

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Well made large do-all. I use it for my daily gym bag, carrying items home after shopping nearby on my bike. Will bend and fold easy for air travel. I would have liked some smaller zipped pockets available. Also the zippers work in the opposite way one would expect. You must zip down to close, and up to open on the side pockets. The front 180 degree opening allow things to fall out of the large pocket rendering it basically useless. A straight across the top zipper would work better. Waterproof material. Great strong dual front straps allow for carrying heavy loads with comfort.

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It's a perfect sports bag. Big enough to fit everything you need for two people to go swimming, with plenty of pockets to separate wet and dry.

Note: the bag a bit too big for the average lockers they install in most GYMs/swimming pools. Once it's half empty, it fits fine.

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  • Straight-cut, padded shoulder straps
  • One large main compartment
  • Front utility pocket with organizer keeps essentials handy
  • 2/3 padded back panel for cushioning comfort
  • Web haul loop

Loved the different colors!! And I am a huge green lover!! Always wish I had this growing up. Just perfect.


This is such a nice packpack and my granddaughter already has her school supplies inside. Thanks a bunch! She loves it!