7000 Cubic Inch Alpine Trekking/ Hiking/ Climbing/ Camping Backpack

7000 Cubic Inch Red Alpine Trekking/ Hiking/ Climbing/ Camping BackpackI used this backpack for the Sierra Club Wilderness Basics Course and I was pleased with the height but the pack is very narrow. I really struggled to get a sleeping bag and a tent in it without breaking a seam/ zipper. Also, the upper side pockets are almost useless when the pack is loaded up. The top of the pockets are flush with the side of the pack so they really can't expand out as you put things into them. The lower side "bottle holders" are also kind of tiny. My final problem with this pack was the cheap plastic buckles. I broke three of them during the course of the class (Two shoulder buckles and one on the bottom of the pack. I was able to tie off the straps and continue but having equipment hold together while you are out in the desert is extremely important. Overall the pack was usable and the other features are great but it needs some girth, better plastic, and better pockets.

This pack is handy....

I bought this pack a few months ago and really didn't have the time to try it out...until last week.

Two of my buddies and I decided to go on a four day back-country hike in the Red River Gorge. I had been on a few of these before but nothing as long and as rugged as this one, and for four days the 7,000 cubic inch space came in quite handy.

I was able to fit: two pairs of pants, two pairs of shorts, a pair of swimming trunks, a hooded sweat shirt, a pair of shoes, a first aid kit, 4 pairs of socks, 3 t-shirts, a flashlight, three 1.5 liter water bottles, two rolls of toilet paper, a two person tent and a .45 handgun in the main compartment. On the upper compartment: toothbrush, deodorant, flint striker and fire starters. Lower compartment I used for food such as canned tuna, beef jerky, soups, ect....

Strapped to the lower half was a thick sleeping pad and a thick sleeping bag. The two side compartments each easily held 1.5 liter bottles snuggly strapped in.

In all it weighed in at around 90 lbs. Which is where the comfort of this pack comes in. Sure it was heavy but it fit great, had well balance and pretty good shoulder padding. With the chest strap and the padded waist strap it made a very heavy haul as easy as it could be.

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I was planning to go camping in Yosemite for the weekend and needed to shop for a backpack after I found out my old mainstay had a big hole in the rough-hide leather bottom. Many thanks to Fluffy for that... Anyway, I wanted something quick and cheap when I came across these bags. Holy cow, this camping backpack is a bargain. It is HUGE and has got all the trappings of a fully spec-ed out camping backpack. There are more than enough compartments, straps, and buckles to hold just about any standard gear you'd care to take and it looks I could have catered a New year's bash in this bag. The shoulder, hip, and belt straps are all nicely padded and adjustable. I don't know much about the material and stuff but it came back from my trip in one piece and now I have a real backpack for my next trip. Definitely recommend it for its price.

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i have been using this pack for a few weeks

the materials, like the circular ball closingsand blue string, used for tighttening up the top pack are cheapely made, as well as the straps... if you put this up againt a north face, jansport or lowe pack for starters, it does not hold a candle. the ergonimic needs for good hiking are lacking in this the design of this pack

one problem is the hip buckle adjustment is not adjustable on the spot, as it is cheaply made. 90 percent of the bodies weight comes onto the hips in movement and a well designed hip pad is imperative. also the 7,000 cu inch measurement statement is including all openings, which is misleading. the basic top to bottom opening does not shore up to even nearly that

in my view this kind of advertising is deplorable

yes, it was an inexpensive pack, but this is no excuse for bad



nick consoletti

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This pack will do the job of lugging a lot of gear... but it isn't 7000 CI. I can fit my 2 person tent, 4.5 liters of water, enough food for 3 days, 2 days of clean clothing, my glock 19 handgun, stove, sleeping bag and pad. That being said if they would reinforce the cheap plastic buckles and design the side pockets to expand larger this could be a great bag on a budget! It isn't that comfortable but for under $70 buxs compared to over $300 for an Osprey I can deal with that. I have a 3 day trip and 2 day trip on Mt.Baldy and Ice House Saddle Trail on this pack as long as the cheap plastic buckles hold up I am happy with my purchase.

STM Grip Hardshell Minimalist Case for 11-Inch MacBook Air, Pink (122-010K-21)

STM Grip Hardshell Minimalist Case for 11-Inch MacBook Air, PinkBut it takes away from the apple aesthetic. Still worth the price because who wants a dinged up scratchy MacBook Air

The hardshell is a perfect fit. I use my MacBook Air at work and the shell gives it great protection.

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KF Baby Diaper Bag Insert Organizer - 12 x 6.4 x 8 inch, Black

KF Baby Diaper Bag Insert Organizer - 12 x 6.4 x 8 inch, BlackBouth this organize hoping I could use my regular name brand bag and turn it into a diaper bag... Unfortunately, the items reaked of chemical smell and I had to wash it 3 times to get the smell out... It's not as useful as I thought it would be either infact it's still collecting dust in my closed while I ended up purchasing a regular diaper bag.

CMC Golf Skull Mini Day Pack

CMC Golf Skull Mini Day PackThis is a great little bag especially for golf since space is limited. I received the bag right on time and it was everything I expected. I would recommend it.

With 2 zippered compartments and one outside mesh pocket, this is a cool little bag to carry your wallet, smartphone of any size, point and shoot camera, snack bars, and a small sports drink can... or whatever else your particular lifestyle dictates mine is sports and travel.

I really enjoyed wearing it around my waist the entire afternoon until my nice running tshirt got caught in the almost imperceptibly sharp edged, protruding rivets on the clasps at the ends of the waist strap.

Idiots. This one flaw ruined an otherwise cool product.

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Yo Gabba Gabba Backpack ~ Full Size Large

Yo Gabba Gabba Backpack ~ Full Size LargeIt holds everything i need but like most bags I've already had to take it to get fixed twice and all i put in it is a blanket change of clothes and a lunch box

Excellent product for the price. Good quality, colors are bright. The Only drawback to this product are the zippers. They feel like they could break off at any time. I just make sure not to overstuff, and am very careful when zipping up.

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Clear PVC Backpack by Ensign Peak

Clear PVC Backpack by Ensign PeakI was happy to find this inexpensive backpack for my five year old daughter entering kindergarten. All of my children are required to have clear or mesh backpacks for school. The biggest trouble buying from large chain stores is that they only offer a few choices and then it's hard for the children to tell their bag apart from the others. I find this one is just a little different (good selection of color choices) and the perfect size. It's big enough to carry her papers, lunchbox and a jacket with a little room to spare, but not so big that it overwhelms her small frame. She has only been using the backpack for a month or so, but it is holding up really well. I would defiently buy this for an elementary aged child who needs to transport the necessities. Great value!!!!

I bought the pink one for my 6 year old to go to Kindergarten. It's perfect. Nicely made & just the right size...not like those large bulky ones that are adult sized. She loves it! A must for all elementary aged kids!

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We ordered these clear backpacks to take with our group of 20+ to my daughter's NASCAR birthday at Phoenix International Raceway. We were able to load the kids up with snacks and race goodies. they really came in handy!

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I ordered this for my daughter for kindergarten. The zipper was broken upon delivery rendering the backpack useless. I guess you really do get what you pay for! I didn't try to return it as it's more trouble than it's worth, but I am very disappointed. :(

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I purchased this bookbag for my 6 year daughter and she loved it. The item shipped in a timely manner, however when I opened the package I noticed that there were two marker stains on the back and I was not pleased because I purchased it as NEW :(.

Travelon Search Alert Locks

Travelon Search Alert Locks, Pink, One SizeLove this little lock, the code is handy as sometimes the key no longer fits the lock .The last time I traveled with a TSA approved lock with a key it looks like an attempt had been made to open the lock with the wrong key because when I did try to open it myself when I had reached my hotel in Europe my key no longer opened the padlock,I made sure it did before I left so had to arrange for the hotel handyman to cut the lock off. The new lock I had to buy was also cut off by the airport security I presume as they were not TSA approved lock as these are not available in Europe for as far as I know.