Kipling Scoop Medium Backpack

Kipling Scoop Medium Backpack - Redmedium to this bagpack is not medium to any other bag. it is tiny! really small, and nothing fits. I wrote to them but they said they were based in NY and were hit by Sandy. Im not going to try anymore. It was a gift, not what I expected, and felt bad giving it away, but... it was too late. Make sure you check sizes with Kipling...

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Aquapac Waterproof Wet & Dry Backpack

Aquapac Waterproof BackpackI bought this backpack because I like to ride my bike to class at UK everyday, about 4 miles one way. After I had this backpack about a month it finally rained, and rained almost everyday for about 3 weeks. This backpack keeps my notes and books 100% dry even after my 25 minute bike ride.

There is another inner pocket, which is what made me decide to purchase this particular backpack. It is intended to separate your wet clothes from the dry if you decide to change. On the really rainy days, i was able to fit all my school stuff in the main compartment, with a spare pair of basketball shorts, underwear, fip flops, a shirt, and jacket all in the inner pocket. I'd get to class and change clothes in the bathroom. The inner pocket actually pulls out of the main compartment so i could easily put my soaking wet clothes without having to worry about them dripping on my notebooks.

There is also a back support piece that is removable and advertised to be used as a seat if you're hiking or something. While I haven't used it as a seat I do like how it keeps flat against my back and I don't get poked by textbook corners or anything.

I absolutely love this backpack and I am 100% satisfied. Check you tube for some other reviews too. If I had a laptop, I would trust this backpack enough to ride my bike in a downpour with my laptop inside without another case. Also it fits good and is highly adjustable.

5/5 Easy

I really like this backpack. Everything inside has been kept dry. It is good to put my laptop in along with workout clothes. The 2 inner pockets are nice. Wet clothing can be kept in the bigger pocket. The smaller pocket is good for keeping dry electronic devices, cables, etc. The straps are good and this is very comfortable to carry around. The overall design is very good.

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I actually thought I cancelled this purchase as I had gone through with another purchase immediately afterwards and went back to cancel shipment. SURPRISE! It showed up on my doorstep in just a couple days along with the other bag. Choices choices I went with my other purchase and did not use this. But it is very well constructed and pretty roomy just not pretty. A guy would like it for sure, girls like me like a little more polish. Really nothing wrong with the bag other than that.

Went on my trip and forgot to return this one. WHOOPS! Blew the return period and its now sitting in my living room gathering dust no way to correspond with seller after the initial 30 days. :-(

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Vera Bradley Backpack Ribbons

Vera Bradley Backpack RibbonsI have plenty of room for my Kindle PaperWhite, iPad and girly essentials. The straps are fully adjustable with very nice buckles, and the little "Bradley" logos are subtle, yet let you know you are looking at the genuine article. The interior is just as meticulously crafted as the exterior, and just as pretty. I also love all the little nooks and pockets here and there :) Every woman deserves a few designer pieces every once in a while, and I consider this purchase a good one and well worth the money.

Reebok Z Series Large Backpack

Reebok Z Series Large Backpack, Black/Vital Blue/Sun Rock, One SizeThis book bag was for my fatigue who is in college. She needed it for her books and a lap top. This bags was perfect for her.

this thing is smaller then a nromal small bookbag would be this seems to be more of a extra small size

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Osprey Axis Backpack

Osprey Axis Backpack, Limestone TanThis replaced my NorthFace Ion.

I am fully satisfied with this bag after using it for a month now.

Has enough compartments to hold a small bottle of water, snacks, books, a 13 inch MacBook Pro,

keys, etc.

If you have more than 3 heavy textbooks, then this is not for you. Might want to get a bigger bag.

I go to grad school and this works perfectly for me.

I have been hauling a 15" Mac, a 11" Toshiba, their power cords, at least 3 huge apples/oranges, a sandwich, wallet, pens, at least 3 or 4 notebooks and other assorted knick-knacks in this bag on foot for ~2.5 miles everyday to and fro from work for the past five months. It took sometime for me to get the adjustment of the straps right, but once I did, I could hardly feel the weight of all the stuff in the bag. The bag contours can be adjusted to fit very close to my back. So I can break into a jog and not have the contents rattle back and forth. The bag looks small even when filled to the brim, but it does fit in all my everyday essentials very easily. The colour (ember orange) is extremely visible which is what I was aiming for as I want motorists/cyclists to spot me easily. The bag has been through a bunch of rainstorms now and I am happy to report that it is fairly waterproof none of my stuff in the main or the side pockets were wet after walking 25 minutes in a fairly heavy downpour. Based on my ~5 month daily use, I would very highly recommend this bag for everyday commuting by foot or bike.

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I ordered this pack at what I thought was a decent price but when I received it, the supplier had not taken off the price tags and they showed $10 cheaper than what I paid on Amazon. I called them and they told me that I had to speak to a manager who was not in that day. He called me back but by then I decided to return the pack and buy it someplace else as I thought that I was already getting the best price from that supplier when I ordered it.

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I work in an industrial facility that is large enough that running back and forth to my car is a hassle, so I bought this to be just big enough to bring some Tupperware/fast food containers, some magazines and some basic supplies with me.

I chose the orange color because I routinely ride my motorcycle to work and the people in WA state seem to have an aversion to looking before they make any move in a vehicle, so anything you can do to stand out helps (Because a loud piped, bright green crotch rocket just isn't visible enough on it's own).

The bag has held up very well over the last 3 years with the only wear being that the Osprey logo is starting to come off. I wash the bag about twice a year and hang dry it then waterproof spray it and it looks pretty much brand new.

I would buy another Osprey brand bag simply based on the performance of this bag. I have Camelbak, Ogio, Jansport and Drago brand backpacks and none get used as hard, or as often, as this little one.

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This bag has a surprising amount of space and better organization than I expected. I found a water bottle that fits in the side pocket because a regular bottle sticking out of the pocket didn't feel very secure. I'll probably never use a bladder with it but the compartment works great for a tablet or netbook. There's a slot just above the ice axe holder that it can slip into so you don't have this big loop dangerously sticking out from the bottom of your pack. I probably won't be using an ice axe either.

The compression works great but I have to say it looks messy on the front. I got the limestone tan color and I imagine a darker color would look better (something that really doesn't bother me). The shoulder straps are very comfortable, I'll never use the chest strap so I wish it was removable. Fortunately the waist strap is, this pack is too small to need one in my opinion. I've found an idiosyncrasy in that it won't stay on if I'm just slinging it over one shoulder. I have to put both straps on if I want to carry it, or use the handle on top. I don't have that problem with any other pack I've owned so I'm assuming it's a characteristic of this bag. Maybe that's a safety feature in case you have an ice axe hanging from it.

Quality of materials and construction are as good as I've ever seen. The zipper pulls are the best ever. The mesh pockets inside are perfect. I really like this bag.

Kiva Luggage Compress-It Compressible Packing Cubes Set

Kiva Luggage Compress-It Compressible Packing Cubes Set, Black, One SizeI like these bags a lot. They do compress but the best thing about them is that they hold your items snugly and keep them from shifting around and getting wrinkled. They also remain pliable compared to the plastic compression bags which become rigid and are difficult to pack around. I did not over pack my case but the fabric around the zipper on the large pack frayed and came un-stitched. I simply sewed it back which reduced the overall capacity by a tiny amount but it is holding well. I had read reviews on other websites that the bags came un-stitched so was not surprised when it happened to me. Even with that, I would choose to purchase the item again. If you would be bothered by having to re-sew a bag, based on my experience and what I had read in other places, I would purchase a different bag. However, if you are fine with restitching a 2-4 inch section where the zippers come together, I would highly recommend this product. The method I used was hand sewing, rolling the fabric up against the zipper which provided more "bite" for the stress where the zippers came together. It took me 10-15 minutes and was very simple.

these are great compressable packing cubes. ive read reviews on other sites that complain about the quality of the zippers, but i haven't enountered a problem. the large cube is the most can hold about 8 t shirts with no problems. the medium cubes are too small for shirts, but could be good for undergarments, socks, bathing suits, etc. i wish kiva would offer different configurations of this item. i would love to have at least 3 of the large cubes for my packing needs. kiva, if you are reading this, please offer a set of just the large cubes!

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We used these on a recent trip to France. It has a zipper system to do the compression for space saving. They are small, socks, underwear, maybe t-shirts, & similar will fit. Mostly, I found the one I used to help with containment, as in keeping the stuff I stored in it neatly collected in one place. Plan to use again.

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I own a set of 3 Rick Steves Packing Cubes which are very nicely sized and function well. I needed an additional set of packing cubes for my wife, however, and was attracted to the idea that the Kiva cubes had compression capabilities. And while the Kiva cubes function great as packing cubes, the compression capabilities are lacking.

The Kiva cubes are well constructed with solid sides and bottoms, along with mesh tops for viewing contents. The Kiva cubes dimensions are slightly smaller than the the Rick Steves version, but sizable enough to fit the desired amount of clothing. The cubes contain an additional zipper that wraps around the cube, which is designed to compress the cubes when closed. I found, however, that when the cubes are fully loaded, the zipper compression does not adequately compress the cube, and most of the time the compression zipper can't even close completely without fear of it breaking due to the strain. In the end, I didn't even bother with the compression zipper, and instead just treated the cubes like standard packing cubes.

I think Kiva should revisit their design if they want to create a compressible packing cube. Small side compression straps would function much better than the zipper system. I originally gave the product 4 stars because the packing cubes perform their main function well, but I removed a star because the compression system seems more gimmicky than useful. Given the higher cost and slightly smaller dimensions over the Rick Steves Packing Cubes, I would just as soon choose them over the Kiva Compression Cubes.

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The compressible bag works well for sweaters, scarves, gloves and knit hats. The small size is perfect to throw into a purse or bag because it keeps the items together, prevents them from getting caught in keys, and makes it is easy to find when you need it. The compressible bag works less well for lycra items since those are already somewhat compressed by their nature. I found this particular pair of compressible bags a bit of a challenge with the zipper---I have a different set with a smoother zipper, but for some reason, the zipper on these snags. I needed to put my finger between the bag and zipper to get it working.

Ensign Peak Messenger Bag

Ensign Peak Messenger Bag, OrangeI wanted a lightweight bag that could carry my laptop and papers but could also be easily rolled up for packing, something you can't do with a conventional padded computer bag. I also wanted a strap long enough to go across my body and leave my hands and arms free. This bag fits the bill. The construction is good, and I like the outer zipper pocket and the net bottle carrier. Just what I was looking for. I wouldn't mind having it in a few different colors.

Plenty of room, nice and sturdy, good long strap, fun colors, and under $10. This thing is batting a thousand!

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I bought this for my six-year old when the zipper on her backpack broke. She was insistent that she wanted a messenger bag I didn't want to spend a lot.

This bag fit the bill. It is not too big perfect for early elementary. It seems sturdy enough to take folders back and forth to school, with a little extra room for a change of clothes, etc., but not too big. If you are wanting to take more than two or three books home every day, you probably want a bigger back and a padded strap. This is definitely a light duty bag, but no more so than the cheap kiddie backpacks you find in the stores it is made of the same vinyl fabric.

It is very plain we bought some decorative iron-on patches and I ironed them on just place a thin towel over it all and iron on cotton setting. Now it is super cute and one-of-a-kind.

She has used it for two weeks now and no complaints so far!

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Didn't need it for anything heavyjust a great bag to transport clothes to and from wherever we're going. It's for my husband, he loves the Orange color, and it's just manly enough for him.

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It fits a 15inch laptop easily though there is no padding so I wouldn't recommend using it for that purpose without a sleeve. Seems well made though the water bottle mesh holder on the side does not hold anything wider than a 16oz bottle so my reusable doesn't fit.