Auburn University Tigers Neoprene Laptop Sleeve - Case

Auburn University Tigers Neoprene Laptop Sleeve - CaseI bought this laptop sleeve for my dad for Christmas. When it arrived it wasn't navy like it is in the photo it was bright orange with a navy "AU" logo. It was not ideal for my rather conservative dad to carry to the office. The sleeve was also quite thin and flimsy when compared to other neoprene sleeves I've bought from companies like Speck or InCase. Overall it is okay, but nothing special.

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Professional 15" Laptop Briefcase in Black

Professional 15' Laptop Briefcase in BlackCheap is cheap. I've gotten nearly a year's use out of it but the metal buckle is now coming loose due to the tiny screws falling out. Wish it wouldn't have that issue but if you want something spacious to carry to work and look good, this is your match. Love it regardless.

This is a nice bag, but it was way too bulky and heavy, even without my laptop in it.

Nice bag, but not for a woman. Too heavy and bulky.

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Navy Ipod Mp3 School Sling Backpack

Navy Ipod Mp3 School Sling Backpack
  • Pack is uniquely shaped
  • A zip pocked in front
  • An audio pocket inside and headphone outlet on top
  • A detachable phone pocket on the strap
  • A mesh pocket on one side

When I bought this, i thought it was smaller, yesterday I received it and my surprise was that the actual size is not so small, as i was expected, but it's ok I mean, you can put a couple of books maybe a mini laptop and a jacket and you're ready to go. The color is true to the picture (at least the grey with navy blue) it has a patch that reads "H20" so that means it is impermeable, but I haven't test it. The design is pretty cool

and that was my main reason to buy this, so I'm happy, this is a good product.

Hello Kitty Small Backpack

Hello Kitty Small BackpackCute as heck. Just right for kindergarten aged daughter. She loves it so I do too. Worth every penny. The rest of my comments are filling space.

This item is decently constructed and is showing no signs of wear after six weeks of use. It's also differently designed from the Hello Kitty backpacks sold in major retail outlets so you can tell your kid's backpack apart from the zillion others that were bought at XXX-Mart. My problem with most backpacks is that they're simply too big for a five-year-old unless you plan on training them early for the cruel and unusual discipline of high-school backpack hauling. This one seemed to be the perfect size and the young 'un loves it.

However... THIS ITEM IS NOT BIG ENOUGH FOR ALL SCHOOL MATERIAL. I can fit the bendy folder by tucking in the corners. I can fit the lunchbox and a sweater in behind the folder. I can fit a snack in the side pocket and a few accessories in the front pocket. I cannot fit a regular-sized stiff binder or a large book and your child is bound to be asked to carry one at some point. The backpack simply does not have enough height and the corners are too rounded for the zipper to close around those objects. For this I'm docking only one point because my planning is at fault as much as the description is unhelpful but I do wish I'd known this beforehand. So here's the heads-up for parents of kids who actually go to school: It's a very nice backpack but there's a good chance that it's not going to work for you as more than a toy.

Edit: I'm eating my words at the beginning of this review. Docked one more point for durability because the backpack's fabric is showing signs of wear similar to laddering... I can almost see daylight through the folds and creases on the bottom. My kid is not rough on her stuff, this is the consequence of normal use for half a year.

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My daughter loves her new pack. She has used it for her day hikes and no complaints. Has enough pockets to put everything we need in it for her hikes ad easy to get into while she still has it on

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I purchased the backpack as a Christmas present for my niece. She loved it so much that she wouldn't take it off and wanted to sleep with it. It's the perfect size for small girls.

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I love the size of this backpack! It's perfect for my 3 year old to take to preschool. I gave 4 stars on durability just because we haven't used it yet. Finally a backpack that isn't too small,(won't fit anything) but isn't too big for her to carry.

Ape Case Compact Backpack for Digital SLR Cameras ACPRO1810W

Ape Case Compact Backpack for Digital SLR Cameras ACPRO1810Wi was looking for a med size bag...the big brother is very big..but very nice...this holds my mirrorless camera..plenty room..lots of protection...great price.recommend this

I settled on this backpack style camera case for my Canon D40 and accessories. I got the bag yesterday and my camera fit in nicely. The additional compartments seemed adequate for any additional lenses,etc., however; I would have liked more space for personal items in the front and side pockets but keep in mind that this is a "compact" case. Overall, it was attractive and the perfect size for me... not too big and bulky, and not too small, plus I liked the yellow interior. I also liked the extra security in the straps with clips on each side of the pack that secured the front flap to the sides. For me, it was an important safety feature in case of zipper failure. Though having the camera compartment located at the top of the bag seems like a more protected location than at the bottom of the bag, it made the bag top heavy and prone to falling over.

Anyway, I purchased this bag from "Amazon Warehouse Deals" for less than the "new" price. Amazon labeled the bag as used but in "like new" condition. I believe it was a bag that had been returned and was, in fact, unused. I was very pleased with the appearance, which looked brand spanking new inside and out. But, when I attempted to zip it closed, it didn't close. The zipper was defective and though it moved freely, the zipper kept opening up. This was my first experience with Amazon Marketplace and it probably will be my last. Like New items are supposed to be in like new condition and should have been thoroughly checked out by Amazon before re-selling it. Though the return postage was paid by Amazon, I had to re-package the bag, print out a packing slip and shipping label, then take it to the UPS store to return it, which was a bit of a hassle. I now have to wait an undetermined amount of time before I get my refund and that's a drawback too.

The bottom line is that this seemed like a nice bag but for the money you can find a better deal. I ended up ordering the Canon 200EG Deluxe Digital SLR Camera Backpack Case for $39.95. It is new and made by Canon so I figured I couldn't go wrong there. Since there are already 1,600+ reviews, with an average of 4 1/2 stars, I probably won't bother to write a review... unless the zipper is busted!

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BEIGE Canvas Backpack School Bag PU Pleather Trim Two Tone! COOL!

BEIGE Canvas Backpack School Bag PU Pleather Trim Two Tone! COOL!
  • BEIGE Canvas Backpack School Bag PU Pleather Trim Two Tone! COOL!
  • Great Look, Super Cool and Stylish!
  • Available in 3 colors : Black and Beige

I just got my bag and I was so excited! It looked very nice and the material seemed to be quite sturdy. It arrived within about about 5 days after my purchase, which was pretty awesome. However what I dislike about it is that it's a little bit too wide and it doesn't have too much space to hold my stuff, I could only fit about 2 small binders, 1 notebook, my wallet and my glasses on the inside. This is a problem because I have so many books to carry around while I'm at school. Also, the straps are way too long for my liking, the backpack doesn't really fit well onto my back due to this and it gets very awkward and uncomfortable. I think this bag would be much better suited for a taller person, I'm only 5'3. I really do like the design, but I'm probably going to have to return it due the the issue of the straps and the limited amount of space.


12/16/12 So I've had this bag for a couple of days and due to the shipping charges I wasn't able to return it. However I did fix the straps by sewing them a little bit tighter so they fit better and I also made the flap at the front of the bag a little bit tighter. I'm really satisfied with it, if only it had arrived that way.

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I was really excited about the pack. I was able to fit my 15.6 in laptop (in it's protective sleeve), text book, 3 single subject notebooks, nexus 7 in case, and kindle paper in case. It was really boxy with all that stuffed into it (I just wanted to see if it would). My complaint is the color. The canvas itself was a little darker then I had expected, though still nice. HOWEVER the bottom strip is not a lite blue like I had thought. It is more turcurse then anything else and does not go well with the redish brown leather (or leather like) and navy blue and white striped straps. I'm going to send it back. So close.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Backpack - Child Size (Pink)

Sanrio Hello Kitty Backpack - Child SizeI bought this for my three year old granddaughter and she loved it very much. Her two year old sister liked it so well my daughter-in-law bought another one for her as well. They both attend preschool and enjoy wearing them to school. These backpacks are not only cute they are well made and just the right size for a preschooler.

Super cute HK backpack. HK is fuzzy which came as a pleasant surprise to my daughter. It's a great size for my 4 year old.

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