Ogio Newt II Laptop/Tablet Backpack

Ogio Newt II Laptop/Tablet BackpackI love this bag. Has a compartment for both my laptop and iPad while still maintaining a main compartment for all your other stuff. Great quality, complaint is that there is no side pocket for a water bottle. That's a little bit of a drag, but aside from the lack of a water bottle slot, it's a great bag.

Backpack is made very well (shouldn't expect anything less from Ogio). Very comfortable and roomy. Exactly what I was looking for in a backpack.

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I have had this backpack for 4 months and it has held up nicely despite daily use that includes carrying my laptop, iPad, notebooks & gym gear totally around 30 lbs.

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The bag is great quality, fit all my book, laptop and gym cloths... I bougth a second one for my boyfriend and he love it also!

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So after using this bag for almost a month now... I honestly cannot recommend this bag and wish i could send it back. I love the design, the quality, all the pockets, but....

The padding is ridiculous... You can hardly put anything in all the pockets because the part of the bag that is on your bag is so padded you cant even get comfortable??? You feel the bag when filled with a laptop and books digging in your back. Since the back isn't hard enough it flexes so if you have a book you feel a book digging in. A laptop a laptop digging in. Its not painful cause all the padding but the padding is the problem as its really thick and makes the back tug on your shoulders and bend your back backwards with the weight...

I love the bag so I think I am going to take a razor to the back and take out the padding and see how it works then... I may even try to open the back and put cardboard and see if my mother in law can sew it back up.

I was so excited to get this bag and love Ogio's products (we have 3 others in the family) and honestly disappointed by this design from Ogio. I may make a video review to warn others as it is a really nice bag but then you remind yourself why have all these pockets if you cant hardly fill them up cause there is to much protection...



You will love the quality of this bag.

I have the black and love the quality and color of the bag.

Tons of pockets for your stuff and nice padding materials in all areas of the bag.

Great padding for your back, shoulder straps, and zipper tabs are nice quality.


Honestly the Pros become the cons...

So with all the padding the bag feels very bulky... I love Ogio I have the Flux bag and just wanted more padding in the main compartment and space to put my computer stuff and books. Besides the padding issues the Flux was great and the strap system with the neck shoulder line bar you never noticed the bag was on your back...

So I decided to upgrade to a bigger bag. With this bag it has all the space for your stuff but, when you add your laptop, then a certification prep books, a tablet, fill in the pocket for electronic gear, add your charge cables to the side pockets, and some pens. You feel like wow I got all this in this bag and it doesn't look huge.

When you put it on and start to walk you feel the laptop in your back and the bag feels kind of lop sided or bulky. With the Flux the laptop sits in the main compartment and I thought the side sleeve would be better protection but you will feel it in your back since the back is no longer flat. If you have a 15 inch laptop you'll feel that much in your back, a 17 inch or a tablet you will feel that in your back with the straps tugging on your back the rest of the way up...

I don't want to ramble on but just wanted to share that. The bag is really nice if you own say a web site business and travel to show presentations or something and don't carry a lot of books. The bag is great but for a student with a lot of books. Just beware you might feel the bag tugging and hanging off your back.

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Vera Bradley Laptop Backpack in Symphony in Hue

Vera Bradley Laptop Backpack in Symphony in HueYou can pay more for it however (where ever you buy it) they are equal, the bag is the rage of the tweens and teens they can't get enough of them. Based on the construction I can understand why.

Monster High Backpack | 16 in School Bag with 3D Hologram | @ Sunset Jungle

Monster High Backpack | 16 in School Bag with 3D Hologram | @ Sunset JungleMy sister really loved this backpack... She's more new passion! The hologram is incredible and is very big, too. Xoxo

This backpack is completely ADORABLE and the photo provided doesn't do it justice!!! I had a hard time choosing between the Monster High backpacks that were available and I'm so glad I chose this one for my 6 year old neice. The details of this backpack are great and include: a hologram effect with the girls on the front pocket, a "Monster High" logo on the top pocket that is done in contrasting pink, blue, and yellow glitter colors (glitter every young girl's dream), logos and sayings all along the side/zipper parts of the backpack (and some even in glittery pink and blue), a pink side mesh pocket for a bottle of water on one side and a pocket on the other with the skull logo (w/a pink glitter bow). The cording all around the backpack is done in bright pink glittery/shiny piping and the contrasting turquoise and yellow zippers give it that extra special detail. I hope you've read all of these details, because the photo doesn't show all of these great, colorful features and the description is lack-luster. I would recommend this backpack to anyone that has a Monster High fan in their household. This backpack is so cute that I'd give it 10+ stars, if possible!!!!

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packaging was easy to open.prompt arrival.grand daughter was very pleased .she could not wait to go to school the next day and when she got home she said nobody at school had one like hers.thank you!

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DURAGADGET Blue Ultra protection Water resistant laptop / notebook / netbook / UMPC carry case / ba

DURAGADGET Blue Ultra protection Water resistant laptop / notebook / netbook / UMPC carry case / bag / sleeve for Acer Aspire Timeline 4810TZG 14', Acer Aspire Timeline X4820 14', Acer Travelmate 8431 14.1', Acer TravelMate Timeline 8471 14.1', Acer TravelMate 6493 14.1', Acer Aspire Timeline 4810T Special Edition 14' and Acer Aspire 4410 14'While the sleeve itself is OK considering the quality, etc, it does not meet the specifications for Acer Timeline 14" notebooks listed (8471 et al.). While these are wide-screens (and thus of specific body dimensions) and also very thin (which is among their major features), the Duragadget sleeve I have had is rather suited for the 'regular' notebooks considering the body dimensions and thickness. As a result, the sleeve is just hanging very loosely, with almost an inch extra for all directions. Something I could have at home without ordering overseas.

Dakin Girls Lark Pack

DAKINE Lark PackThis is a great backpack, the only complaint I have is that it's a little long if you're on the short side. I'm about 5' 1" and find the backpack a little long for my back but it's fine. Besides that, it's a sturdy and good quality backpack. I used it everyday last year to carry tons of books to and from college and it still looks like new. I highly recommend this brand.

The backpack is great!!! Just want I wanted.

There two main compartments. Front pocket and main pocket. So space is open, but I do wish there were some smaller pockets in the main compartment.

But over all I love it!!

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The best computer backpack I've had, it's held up perfectly for over a year with almost everyday use across town.

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Clark & Mayfield Stafford Pro Leather Laptop Tote 15.6"

Clark & Mayfield Stafford Pro Leather Laptop Tote 15.6'This bag arrived as described appearance-wise. It looks good in-person and really fits the purpose I bought it for. I work as a consultant and am visiting clients all the time, lugging my computer back and forth and setting up my "desk" in any free space or conference room I'm given. Because of this, I need to bring a lot of stuff with me (cords, mouse, mouse pad, notebooks, files, pens, snacks, extra clothes, cosmetics... etc) all the time.

I needed a fully functional laptop bag, but wanted something that looked professional yet slightly more feminine than the typical laptop bags I'd been using. This bag is made with businesswomen in mind.. all the little things missing from other bags are included in this one. It stands upright and has supports to keep the bag from toppling over, it has a discreet luggage strap making it ideal for traveling and use as a carry-on (fit perfectly under the seat as well), top zipper secures all your stuff and adds a level of privacy, internal pockets allow for organizing of power cords, computer mice etc, fits files even legal size, padded compartment for laptop... mine is 15" and has plenty of room, front pocket has room for business cards pens, cell phone.. , the stitching and leather quality is awesome and very durable, the list goes on...

Before finding this bag I was annoyed that most "business" bags for women charged top dollar and offered no functionality. It made it appear as though they really didn't take the needs of professional women seriously, rather only offering an additional fashion accessory big enough for a lap top. This bag is different and I would recommend it to anyone who asks.

I had been looking for a leather laptop tote and researched many before deciding on this one. It is very roomy for laptop, papers, Bose, cables and my personal things and has a strap to slip on my roll-aboard handle. It also goes over the shoulder easily. It looks very smart and professional. One thing to be aware of is that it does have great capacity which means that when it is filled, it can be rather heavy! I can highly recommend this product and it was great value Pauline Watts

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This is a beautiful, stylish and functional computer bag. There is room for books, power plugs, etc. Have been very pleased with it.

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This bag is everything I wanted and more! It is roomy and carries all my electronics and paperwork. It is well worth the cost.....and the cost is actually inexpensive. I love it!!

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I have had numerous laptop cases over the years but never found one that was feminine and functional before this bag. I ordered the bag in black but might order a second in red I like it so much. Very stylish, good quality, with lots of features. I don't bother carrying a handbag when using this bag as there is ample room for not only my laptop, cords, etc. but also all the items I would normally tote around in a handbag. Great for air travel as the bag is designed for quick extraction of a laptop and fits comfortably under a plane seat. The bag stands up too and does not fall over as do similar bags. GREAT tote/laptop bag/briefcase.

Chrome Metropolis Bag , Black/Black, One Size

Chrome Metropolis Bag , Black/Black, One Sizedoes everything I need it to do and works great, very satisfied perfect for work and getting to and from work

Best messenger bag I've owned. Waterproof and durable. Can hold my 17" MacBook Pro plus all cables, iPad, change of clothes for work, notebooks with room to spare.

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I do love this bag...it is very well made and stylish. The only concern I have about it is that it was pretty expensive...but in this case you do get what you pay for.

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